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The process below includes a custom resume writing sample, as well as other descriptions of your experience, and therefore may take some time to complete. There is no option to save your progress and continue later, so please consider composing your work offline or ensuring you have enough time to complete this process in one sitting.

First, we will collect your existing resume and important details about your writing experience. Next, during steps three and four, we will review your problem solving and customer service skills, as well as your knowledge in resume formatting and the creation process.

We look forward to reviewing your information and having you join our Professional Writer Affiliate Network.

Step 1:

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Step 2:

Please answer the following questions:

  1. What is your experience with writing resumes? Please summarize it in a few lines, NOT including resumes done for volunteer work or for personal/family members.

  2. Please describe a situation that required extensive customer service support where you were able to provide it successfully.

  3. Please describe how you respond to constructive criticism, as well as a situation where you had to professionally respond to criticism you felt was unwarranted.

  4. If you have any experience in staffing, recruiting, hiring, training, or human resources, please detail it in a few lines here.

  5. Are you a freelance writer, journalist, or news reporter? Please list the outlets for which you currently write.

  6. Do you have a website to advertise your writing services?

  7. Do you retain independent contractors in conjunction with your writing services?

  8. Do you have your own computer, Internet, and other tools needed to complete independent writing assignments?

  9. Do you have a recent copy of Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) as well as proficiency in use of the program?

  10. If retained by Talent Inc., will you be performing services for other clients at the same time?

  11. Do you desire to be assigned working hours or to set your own schedule?

  12. Do you prefer to be paid hourly or according to project completion and performance?

  13. Are you looking for full-time employment or are you looking for freelance/contractor projects?

Step 3:

Please complete the additional questionnaire on resume mechanics available here and upload below:

Step 4:

Please take the following fictional profile and create a resume for this fictional client. The profile can be accessed here and the format you should follow can be accessed here.

Step 5:

Check to ensure all steps and fields in this process are complete. Once you submit your information, a member of our writer support team will review your information and will get back to you with any additional next steps.

By submitting your information for review, you understand that this is not an application of employment nor is there any guarantee of joining our writer affiliate network. Thank you and we appreciate your interest.

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